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Record Reviews

Review copies of Croftone's debut release, Ape House EP, will be sent out to publications this week! Esteemed members of the fourth estate will undoubtedly shower our artists with much-deserved praise. We will monitor their efforts and post the reviews here in order to educate our valued listeners.

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Critics and girls alike are bananas for Ape House

The following is a transcript of a portion of Dr. Gerhard Meine's exclusive interview with Ape House:

Dr. Meine: Before we begin, I'd like to thank you boys for flying all the way to Zurich to talk about your upcoming release and other matters relating to the Ape House phenomenon. Well, I received my advance copy of the disc about two weeks ago, and I have to say that I'm quite stunned by the power and finesse of the finished product - it's hard to believe that Ape House had only been together for about 2 months at the time of the recording. How do you account for that?

Gil: It's just a case of equal parts talent and chemistry, I suppose. The Beatles had it; the Stones had it; we have it. Though, to be honest, I think that we got more than our fair share.

Dr. Meine: Yes...I'm inclined to agree with you, but that's just the luck of the draw, isn't it. Having listened to your debut EP, I'm of the opinion that in all my years of study and observation, I've rarely come across a recording, let alone a debut recording, that presents such a concise and commanding overview of a group's sonic identity. Four songs packed into 9 minutes and 24's quite a punch; there's not a wasted second.

G.P.: Most people have that reaction when they hear the record for the first time. They say, "that's you? I can't believe it! It's so good!" And, truth be told, we're even better than they think. We're also really, really good-looking.

Dr. Meine: What do you plan to do as a follow up to your debut?

J. Forte: As it happens, we're looking forward to going to Montserrat in the fall to start work on the full-length album.

Steve: And we'll also be shooting a music video while we're on the island. We've roughed out the story board, and it'll basically be about four dashing bon vivants sailing the high seas, visiting different islands and cavorting with thong-wearing native girls.

Gil: Though, having seen some of the locals on Montserrat, I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll be bringing our own supply of natives from the runways of London, Paris, and Stockholm.

Dr. Meine: Don't forget about the lovely natives of Switzerland.

G.P.: We were worried that people might call the video "Heidi goes to Haiti" if we did that, but we'll take it under consideration.


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