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Big things are afoot in the Ape House camp, and in their trousers, as the lads gear up for their first full-length release (not the kind that results in a "pearl necklace" either; however, if you play your cards right.......).
Ape House will strut their stuffs on stage in NYC this April, so stay tuned for details. 

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Stuff the Monkey!


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Croftonian pop quartet Ape House, who made news earlier this year when they signed a major-label recording contract after having played only one show together, are now courting controversy with the release of their latest single, a cover of Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey" to benefit the artists' WOMAD organization.

The furor stems from what several womens' organizations characterize as misogynistic artwork and a provocative rewriting of Gabriel's original lyrics. The picture on the single's sleeve depicts a young girl in roller skates and tight shorts leaning into the window of a parked Trans Am occupied by three of the band's members. Pictured in the foreground is singer J. Forte wearing a t-shirt with the band's logo and the text: "I've never met a monkey who didn't like bananas." A spokeswoman for the National Organization for Women alleges that the cover art, when taken in tandem with the suggestive lyrics (rewritten as "Stuff the Monkey"), sends a vulgar and unwelcome message to children and teens who may happen to inadvertently hear or view the product.

When contacted for comment, Ape House frontman Jay Forte responded, "It's a high-concept single, and we don't expect that everyone will understand where we're coming from. The message that we're trying to send is that women are truly multi-dimensional. I suppose that we're advocating the perception of women as functional works of art; they should be enjoyed physically as well as intellectually. I think that the whole situation (with regard to the single) has been blown entirely out of proportion."

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