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Croftone Records
About Croftone

History and Mission

Croftone Records was founded in 2001 by noted Swiss ethnomusicologist Gerhard Meine in an effort to bring the music of the Crofton triangle to a larger audience.

There was danger lurking around every bend...

In 1966, Dr. Meine and a team of 7 anthropologists and cartographers travelled to the eastern seaboard of the United States under the auspices of the Royal Geographical Socicety. The Society had received reports from travellers to the region that a shift in settlement patterns was afoot; it was said that members of the northern European tribes who had settled the region three hundred years before were now in the process of moving away from the cities to smaller planned communities.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean and sailing up the Chesapeake Bay, the team decided to ascend a small, verdant creek. Three weeks after they entered the creek bed, Dr. Carsten, the team's primary physical anthropologist, sucumbed to a very severe case of poison ivy. In spite of this crushing loss, Dr. Meine and his remaining companions pressed on, and nine weeks later, their travails were rewarded when they stumbled out of the dense undergrowth of the creekbed and onto the fairway of an impressive golf course. As history now records, Dr. Meine's team had discovered the now-legendary suburb of Crofton.

According to initial interviews with the inhabitants of Crofton, the town was founded two years prior to Meine's arrival. A small band of English and German settlers had managed to cut a swathe through the forrest of sufficiant size to accommodate an 18-hole golf course. They then built a wall around the perimeter of the settlement to keep undesirable elements at bay.

Dr. Meine spent 23 years living amongst the residents of Crofton, and he grew to love the music that the youth of the town created in an effort to depict the joys of life in a suburban setting. He's very proud to be able to share his passion, and theirs, with the world.

Eureka!  We've found the fabled suburb of Crofton!

Copyright 2001. Croftone International - Zurich, Switzerland.