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Croftone Records
The Figureights

Rockin' out at the Black Cat in D.C.

The music world's premier jet-setting playboys.

The Figureights are currently seeking a new singer.

Comprising GP Shook (Drums), Chris Rolling (Bass) and Gil Hegwood (Lead Guitar), the Eights formed in 1999 and play out every month at such DC/Baltimore-area venues as The Black Cat, The Velvet Lounge, The Galaxy Hut, The Ottobar, The Sidebar, and The Brass Monkey. Hallmarks of The Figureights' pop/punk sound include catchy vocal melodies and harmonies, meaty, fast-paced riffs, huge hooks, and exceptional musicianship and songwriting. Generally speaking, The Figureights are looking for a singer (either male or female) who shares their old-school musical tastes (Ramones, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Travis, Komeda, GBV, Ash, Beach Boys, etc), and who is committed to success and having fun. Other important considerations:

Must be between 21 and 30 years of age;
Must have reliable transportation;
Must be available to rehearse in Crofton, Md on Saturdays (usually 3 hours);
Must not own any albums by Creed, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Korn, etc;
Must have charismatic presence

Bottom Line: we just wanna ROCK!!!!!!!

Hot off the wire


The following was just received by cable from Botswana's official news service, where, by virtue of their dual citizenship, the boys are to be feted in a state ceremony:

"All of Botswana is immeasurably proud of The Figureights...From the Cape to Cairo, from Accra to Zanzibar, our favorite native sons have captured the affections of an entire continent. I have no doubt that The Figureights will rank as our greatest cultural achievement since 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' parts I & II."

-President Festus Gontebange Mogae declaring June to be "Figureights History Month" in Botswana.

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